About Peerdistrict

Marketplace for Suite and Booth Rentals as Well as for Job Seekers
Peerdistrict is an online marketplace that helps businesses in two ways. We help them earn extra money by renting space to working professionals as well as find qualified employees. We've established connections with the industry and schools throughout the United States to help drive employees to your business and provide job seekers a better alternative than other job boards. Our goal is to make the process of connecting employers and employees easier, and our future goal is to help businesses with other services to help lower their operating costs and help ease the burdens of running a small business.
Over the years I have heard firsthand from various business owners about rising costs with endless amounts of paperwork and tasks to complete tangential to their core business and I also noticed that businesses weren't making full use of their establishments. For example, some owners would not be open on certain days of the week letting valuable commercial space go unused.  On the other hand, I've heard numerous times from friends that they can't afford to start their own business because of the large startup cost and risk that goes into a traditional commercial property lease. Our goal at Peerdistrict is to help connect these two different groups and foster new business relationships and to help ease the burden of running a business.

Feel free to contact us at admin@peerdistrict.com if you have any questions, concerns, or comments!

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