At Ogle School we believe in preparing committed students for rewarding careers in the beauty industry, through salon-modeled, student-centered, training and development of the highest caliber.  We’re looking for those who are interested in assisting our future beauty professionals in elevating their educational experience by becoming a model.

Our students learn in many different ways, however their education greatly benefits from real clients with real situations during student clinic.  This allows them the opportunity to experience and learn about different hair/skin types, textures and scenarios.  When presented with real life challenges and expectations, they are able to practice, problem solve and learn at the highest level. By signing up to be a hair/skin model, you’ll be supporting their education and helping our industry of professionals learn and grow.  Our Future Beauty Professionals are overseen by qualified instructors who are Licensed Cosmetologists and Estheticians. 

*I understand that by filling out this form, it does not guarantee that I will be selected as a model for complimentary/discounted services*