Snip-its Haircuts for Kids is a unique family-friendly salon that combines specially trained stylists specializing in children’s hair care in a unique and entertaining environment. The Snip-its Salon Manager is responsible for all day-to-day salon operations and management. He or she is the direct link between the operations and the salon owner. A strong Salon Manager drives initiatives through and maintains a happy and motivated team of stylists, receptionists, and party planners, ensure top-quality service for each and every customer, and work to achieve or exceed salon budget goals. The Manager works on the front lines with both customers and team members and therefore must project leadership, passion, and professionalism at all times.


Licensed cosmetologists are preferred, as they have a better understanding of stylists and the salon industry, and they are able to be productive on the floor cutting hair. Snip-its Salon Managers typically spend 75% of the time cutting hair and the other 25% doing administrative work.


Specific Responsibilities

In performing the duties of Salon Management, the Manager must undertake responsibilities including the following:

•       Perform and/or delegate Salon opening and closing procedures, including keys.

•       Make daily deposits.

•       Prepare all necessary reports, as directed by the Franchisee.

•       Interview all recruiting candidates for Salon positions.

•       Train and/or delegate training for all new Salon employees, and ensure qualification before serving customers.

•       Produce and manage Salon schedule, ensuring complete and proper coverage of all Salon hours.

•       Monitor salon productivity, achieving and maintaining stylist productivity at 2.4 haircuts per hour or better.

•       Monitor daily activities, such as promotions used, customer tracking, employee time clocks, lunch breaks, etc., and communicate any discrepancies or unusual activities to the Franchisee.

•       Ensure that all Franchisee and Snip-its policies and procedures are followed, including dress code, parking, smoking, substance abuse, theft, calling out sick, personal use of company property, etc.

•       Maintain retail inventory through proper merchandising and physical inventory reports, as directed by the Franchisee.

•       Oversee all Salon employees, providing both informal feedback and formal reviews, as directed by the Franchisee.

•       Provide mentoring and coaching to all members of the Salon team, including goal setting and monitoring of goals and contest development, implementation, and follow-through.

•       Book, plan, and organize all Birthday Party operations.

•       Conduct regular staff meetings, as directed by the Franchisee.

•       Perform necessary disciplinary action and documentation, including termination when necessary.

•       Assist and delegate in cleaning chores to ensure that the Salon is always clean, sanitized, and clutter-free.

•       Promote marketing initiatives and participate in recruiting events both inside and outside of the Salon, as directed by the Franchisee.

•       Oversee the handling of customer inquiries, comments, and complaints to ensure that all team members deal with customers in a professional and courteous manner.

•       Make courtesy calls or write thank-you notes to select customers, as directed by the Franchisee.

•       Maintain sanitation practices in accordance with State Board Guidelines and Snip-its Standards.

•       Maintain all state and federal laws.

•       Maintain a high degree of professionalism in all communication with other employees, customers, and franchisees.

•       Work with Franchisee to determine educational needs and schedule continuing education classes.

•       Assist Franchisee in maintaining supply levels for the Salon.

•       Meet with Franchisee weekly to review numbers and discuss issues.


Skills and Additional Requirements

In addition to the above responsibilities, the Salon Manager must be trained and capable of performing all other salon-level employee roles, including stylist (if licensed), receptionist, and party planner.

The Manager must also possess the following core competencies:

•       Current cosmetology manager/operator license if working behind the chair

•       Ability to coach the salon team and to motivate and inspire team members

•       Ability to multi-task

•       Ability to delegate and monitor the follow through

•       Excellent communication and customer service skills

•       Portray a professional image (dress code), appearance, positive attitude and team spirit

Job Region:
Dallas-Fort Worth
Days of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Type of Compensation:
2950 Craig Drive
Contact Name:
Renee Yttredahl
Contact Phone Number:
+1 214-437-6889
Contact Email Address: