You may have seen us at the Arlington Ogle Career Fair, our company is called Mo-de, (Mobile Delivery).  We are looking for stylists to add to our network and app to be available to travel to clients homes to provide hair, makeup, and beautification services.  This is a free service to you, first and foremost.  When clients are looking for your services, in an area you are willing to travel to, we give them your pricing and info.  You then take the job, get paid, and gain a client… simple as that!

We have a lot of folks asking for mobile stylists so we need more talent on board.  Work as many hours as you like (think of Uber structure), and turn your schedule on and off as you wish.  The clients we link you up with pay you directly (we make our $$ on the backend from the client for using us), and again, you use us for free.

We do require a background check because you will be entering people’s homes, and you will need to create an account with Stripe to process the clients’ payments to you (all of this info will be provided if you’re interested).  Once you qualify, we will help you build your profile, set your pricing, set your calendar, then you’re ready to start working at your convenience.

Job Region:
Dallas-Fort Worth
Days of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Type of Compensation:
2919 Commerce St
Contact Name:
Caleb Potter
Contact Phone Number:
+1 469-693-9230
Contact Email Address: